Having worked in the corporate world for many years has taught me
    to stay away from stocks and bonds as investments.

    I do not entrust my money to anybody whose sole purpose in life is to
    work their profit and loss to fit their quarterly earning reports instead
    of focusing on to what makes sense and promises the best return on
    investment in the long run.

    The advantages of investing in Real Estate are tremendous and they
    offer you many different ways to improve your investment portfolio,
    your cash flow, and your long-term capital growth, and last but not
    least the impact on your income tax obligations for the rest of your

    Now, like with every investment, you have to stay focused, let the
    numbers work, never overreach your ability to satisfy your debt
    obligations (loans from banks, seller, friends, or family) and never
    follow the crowd.

    The "IN-Thing" is most of the time a short lived trend, fueled by
    marketing pros who entered the market way back and using the hype
    to unload their portfolio on you.

    This is not about "flipping houses", or buying today, slapping some
    paint on the walls, and betting on inflation to sell a short time later
    with a large profit.

    This is about building a solid investment portfolio that will outlast
    market moves, short term deflation, take advantage of inflation, and
    interest rate distortions.

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