The "Farm"  our home
view from Paola Park Square towards
Beethoven's Restaurant
    I was born and raised in Germany, married my wife
    Ulrike in 1971 in Hamburg and moved to New York
    City in 1973.

    As a commodity trader I traveled around the world
    selling US Grains to far away countries.  In 1984 I
    relocated my family  to Stilwell, Kansas and finally
    retired from the grain business in 1992.

    We had already invested a good part of our money
    in real estate and kept on adding to it.

    In 1992 I made my Kansas real estate license, using
    it mostly for our own investments. This is about the
    time we discovered Paola, Kansas and fell in love.

    We bought 150 acres in the country and started to
    buy some commercial buildings in Paola. We built our
    new home in 1997 and moved to the "farm" just
    outside Paola.

    I can not imagine a nicer neighbourhood to live in,
    nor a bunch of nicer people to live amongst.

    We can be within minutes in the KC Metro area if we
    want, but most of our shopping we can do right here
    in Paola. The schools are great, the quality of life is
    outstanding, and the location is perfect.

    So, when I tell you about Miami, Johnson, Linn,
    Anderson, and Franklin County, it's not just talk, but
    we walk the walk.

    I hope I can show you around and get you to
    become as enthusiastic about our lifestyle as I am.
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